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How do I get started?

We're here to help! Click here to Contact us if you would like to check up-to-date availability on courses or to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to talk you through the various options. Alternatively, follow the stages below to book your sessions.

Step 1: Know your level:

Suitable for a complete novice, including people who have experience with other forms of exercise but are unsure of the Pilates vocabulary. A beginner course or class will introduce you to the principles of Pilates and take you through basic movements either on the mat or Pilates apparatus. You may choose to repeat this course or move to an improver level next.

Suitable for people who have completed a beginner course and/or have done Pilates in the past. An Improver level course will introduce you to more challenging progressions on the mat or apparatus with the option to remain on the beginner level until you feel ready to go further.

An Intermediate class is faster paced and more challenging. Pre-requisites for joining an Intermediate class are that you are confident with the language and principles of Pilates, including the names of movements.

An open class is for any level of experience. The Instructor will demonstrate several levels and include a detailed preparation at the beginning for any new participants. You will be fully supervised and guided towards the correct level for your body.

Suitable for you after week 12 of your pregnancy, these classes are a great way to keep you agile and prepared for birth. With a specially qualified Instructor, the classes are based on Pilates movements that are modified for comfort and safety. The classes will strengthen your body to prepare for labour and recovery as well as improving your core muscles to support the extra weight of the baby. We also focus on breathing and relaxation techniques and provide a bit of "me time" for you during and after your pregnancy.
For more information on Pilates for pregnancy click here.

Step 2: Select a session 'type':

Gentle Pilates
Matwork Class
A good way to learn the basics. These classes use mats and small equipment. You will do floor based movements, sometimes using stretch bands, balls and small weights. Classes are either 'drop-in' where you can start at anytime, or courses that need to be prebooked.

Reformer Class*
Very addictive! Suitable for all levels of ability, the Pilates reformer designed by Joseph Pilates is one of the most effective pieces of apparatus in the Pilates studio. In group reformer classes you are shown how to literally 'reform' your body. Depending on your ability level, your instructor will guide you safely through movements lying, sitting and standing. You will be pulling, pushing and moving with the equipment, which has springs of various strength to provide resistance. Reformer classes can be as gentle or as challenging as you like and they run as courses which need to be prebooked.

Open Floor Studio*
In these sessions you work through a personal program devised by your instructor. Your program will be unique to you, including stretches and movements that utilise the Pilates studio apparatus. Open floor is fully supervised. You move at your own pace and can ask questions and be assisted when needed. Open floor is one of the most flexible and affordable ways to access the Pilates studio as you purchase a block of sessions and then use them at your own pace. To commence open floor sessions you first need to book a consultation to set up your program. You may then decide (with your instructor) whether you need a few one to one sessions to become familiar with your program. Please click here to contact us to book your consultation.

Specialised courses and workshops
Look out for retreats, one-off workshops and specialised courses on our timetable. We run 'Boot Camp Style' circuit studio sessions, workshops for beginners to advanced and much more!

*Pilates apparatus is available at our fully equipped studio locations.

Step 3: Select your session from our Timetable:

Our timetable is available here. Look for a venue, day and time that is suitable for you and note the reference number for use on your booking form. Remember, you can click here contact us for information, assistance and to check the latest availability and term dates.

Step 4: Book your place:

Bookings and card payments can be taken by phone, please click here for contact details.

Click here for a Booking Form.
Click here for a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ).
These forms are in PDF format. In order to view these forms you must have Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have a copy, click on the link below.
Click here adobe pdf download logo for a copy of Adobe Acrobat.

After completing the forms post to:

So Pilates Ltd.
Unit 12 Ramsgreave Business Park
Pleckgate Road

Card payments can be taken by phone. (Please note there is a 2% surcharge for credit cards, there is no surcharge for debit cards.)
If you prefer, you can pay by sending a cheque with your booking forms (made payable to: 'So Pilates Ltd')
We will call you to confirm your booking and you're ready to go!