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Pilates class

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of movements designed to exercise and stabilise your body. Concentrating on the deep abdominal and back muscles initially, the technique aims to strengthen and lengthen the body from the inside out. The movements are done with thought and precision, hence it is often called a 'body and mind' technique.

Pilates movements can be done using specially designed apparatus, there are also movements that can be done on a mat on the floor (Matwork).

Devised by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, the technique was adopted by dancers and athletes in America before being brought to the UK. As medical knowledge and research progresses, teachers of the method have modified the original movements to ensure safety and effectiveness. The original principles including centring, breathing, concentration, precision, control and flowing movement remain intact.

With regular sessions you can:
Pilates can benefit you by helping the body to work more efficiently. This can reflect in other disciplines such as gymnastics, rowing, running and football. However, the benefits can also be felt in daily activities such as walking and sitting.

Pilates is helpful during and after pregnancy. Increased strength in the pelvic floor and control of breath can help during labour and recovery.

By working the muscles in the lower back, shoulders and stomach, you can prevent injury and future postural problems.

Pilates also develops breathing, relaxation, co-ordination and concentration, reducing stress and leading to higher energy levels.

After one session you will feel taller and more relaxed. With regular sessions you can change the way your body works, moves and looks. You will have a flatter stomach, open shoulders and good posture.

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